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Welcome to Our site introduces you to a variety of Astrological and Spiritual encounters, including Astrology, Numerology, Past Life Karmic Astrology, Photography, as well as Kabalistic studies. We hope you enjoy visiting.

Free Astrology Chart

Find the "key to your existence"! Your personality, attributes, flaws, family, loves and jobs are sketched into the sky at the moment of your birth...each writing a lesson, that you will have to deal with in this life; good or bad. YOUR natal chart is just a click away! Choose either the FREE natal house reading, or for $25.00 you can choose the full Natal reading, which includes the planetary influences on your chart. Either way your chart will be read based upon the Labors of Hercules. Find out what your Labors are in this lifetime.

Past Life Chart

A Past Life Chart is an astrological work based on YOUR personal and sacred geometry. These lines and the symbols that they create are as unique as your fingerprint and belong to you alone! They will resonate with a profound truth deep within your soul. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, you will have definite karmic reactions to specific civilizations.

Study these symbols as they guide you in your pursuits and talents. Maybe they will help explain some inner quirks, dreams or desires. Use YOUR Past Life and karmic astrology as a tool to help transcend one's attachments to the finite and to find union with God. Beautifully presented in the exact mathematical arrangement of the planets at the moment of your birth. Enjoy these images and let them inspire you, reminding you of your spiritual history on this planet

Taroballah = A Tarot Reading on the Kaballah Tree of Life!

The power of the Kabala is combined with our spiritual Tarot Cards to produce a powerful reading. Now you can read the messages with our Taroballah Kit! Includes: interpretation journal, Tarot cards, The Kabala Tree of Life. The ZodiacAnswers are in your hands!


Find your Soul Number for FREE! Your birth date is the map to your soul number. This is the number you should have around you for luck and guidance. Each number carries with it certain affirmations that will help you get through the day. Just enter your birth information and the calculations appear before your eyes! You can order a Destiny, or Prayer Card as an affirmation of your soul number. Or wear our designed Tarot pendant as a reflection of your number and you!

Mystical Marketplace

At the Marketplace: Gallery photography is available from ginaphoto.

At the Marketplace: Jewelry and Kaballah store you will have the unique opportunity to purchase our exclusively designed Hearts of Love and Tarot pendants along with the one of a kind neck ornaments.

At the Marketplace: Crystals and Spiritual items are found crystals, meditation icons, Chinese astrological animals, stone amulets for strength and other spiritual items for you to choose.