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Robert DeNiro's Past Life Karmic Astrology Chart

Here are Robert DeNiro's past life charts. It tells the civilizations and the number of lifetimes in that type of civilization. Some symbols represent a culture rather than a time in history.

Date of Birth: Tue Aug 17, 1943
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York, USA


In this lifetime DeNiro was somewhat of a teacher- healer. He had a nurturing temperment, and  worked particularly well with woman and children. Much of his creative inspiration comes from this lifetime. He is bringing back intuitive abilities from this lifetime.

("Island of Atlas") is the name of an island first mentioned and described by Plato, the Greek philosopher. According to him this island was located beyond the "Pillars of Hercules." This civilization was a naval power that conquered parts of Africa and Western Europe. It is said that soon after they tried to invade Athens and failed, Atlantis sank into the ocean in one day during a natural catastrophe 9000 years before Plato was born. There are many historians, treasure hunters, and psychics such as Edgar Cayce that have tried to find the exact location of Atlantis. Some say that it was near Bimini Island. There exists a stone formation underwater called "Bimini Road" that was discovered in 1968. Some historians feel that perhaps the Bimini Road is a collapsed wall of the civilization of Atlantis. Supporters of the Atlantis theory note that the stone formation is far too unusual to be naturally formed. Supporters also quote the famous American psychic Edgar Cayce who predicted the discovery of the Bimini Road in 1938. Cayce said that 'A portion of the temples may yet be discovered under the slime of ages and sea water near Bimini.' The Egyptians were left the teachings of this great civilization.

If you have a lifetime in Atlantis then you probably have experienced one or more of the following urges:

  • Technical ability or a love of technology
  • Cultural understanding
  • Ability to mesmerize
  • Clairvoyance or mental telepathy
  • Abilities in astrology

It is believed that many of today's surgeons are reincarnated from Atlantis, particularly those surgeons related to beauty and cosmetic surgery, since these were the experiments of Atlantis. Remember that the beauty and preservation of the human form was also an ambition of the Egyptians. One characteristic we can be sure of is that with this past life symbol there is an obsession with form or beauty.

You have 3 symbols Atlantis.




In this lifetime DeNiro was working with sound and meditation. He was also very involved in the healing arts. He worked well with young people and was inspiring. Family life was most important.

The Tibet race is different then most anywhere else on earth. Again, this symbol has no place in time but reflects the Tibetan race. This difference permeates throughout their history, culture, language, religion, way of life, and geographical conditions. These are truthful people who are deeply rooted in their spirituality. Unfortunately Tibet is now under siege of the People's Republic of China. This most sacred of places is being threatened, a place where compassion and non-violence have been their only way of life.

This was the lost paradise. Tibetans live a simple life. They are not attuned to technology, but are attuned to nature and music. They have a deep desire to be in harmony. They have a family attitude toward life, and a strong attunement to God. They are divinity inclined. They have an innate creative urge, as seen in their beautiful gardens and art forms.

Tibetans respect animals and they have a keen interest and knowledge for herbal medicine. If you brought back this past life then this experience would show up as those that are Buddhists in nature. Not necessarily in their religion, but in their way of life.

You have 2 symbols Tibet.


In this lifetime, DeNiro suffered from low self esteem. He may have been unfairly treated, maybe sacrificed or put to death. In fact, he had an untimely death.

This past life symbol reflects ancient civilizations of the Americas. These civilizations used pyramids for focusing points of the future. They had powerful bodies. They possess musical ability and felt that dance was beautiful to the body. They had a strong connection to the earth. They were far ahead of the rest of the world when it came to farming. They had knowledge and skill in planting, hybridizing, irrigating and caring for food crops, and they were able to develop cities long before Europeans did.

They were a society of poets, artists, athletes, architects and scientists. People in Central America created the famous stepped pyramids like those you can see at Chichen Itza and Tikal. They built spectacular cities, some of which were centers for scientific learning, and astronomical observatories. Mayan paleo-astronomers calculated the cycles of Venus so accurately that computers have matched their accuracy. They had hidden fears. They also had a strong liking for Gold. They invented surgical tools made of crystal, gold and bronze.

You have 11 symbols South American Pyramid



In this lifetime, DeNiro had powerful friends and enemies. Once again, he was working where he had an influence over many people. He had healing abilities and was some kind of a teacher. He worked with technology and science and the metaphysical world.

The ancient Egyptian civilization had a caste system with an upper and lower class. In this lifetime, the Egyptian pyramid will bring a strong desire to enslave others as well as a strong desire for recognition. These were both characteristics of the Egyptian civilization. Interestingly, it is not uncommon to have both the Egyptian and the Hebrew slave symbol. This shows that at one point you may have enslaved others and then repeated a lifetime in this civilization and came back enslaved. The symbolic difference between the Egyptian and the Hebrew slave is that Egyptian has two trines, two sextiles and an opposition. And the Hebrew slave will have two sextiles, two in conjunct and a square.

The Egyptians had a strong liking for gems and jewels. In this lifetime you, also, might have the tendency to adorn the body with gems and jewels.

They had a strong interest in astronomy or astrology. They would use metaphysical knowledge taught by the adepts; who also taught Moses. They were Magicians and Initiates of the highest order. They performed surgery to enhance and change the body, many plastic surgeons of today have had an Egyptian past life. Another characteristic was their attachment to beauty and the preservation of the human body for the after life.

The principle of polarity was used in the building of the pyramids, as well as the use of levers. I notice that people who have the Egyptian pyramid also have an unusual and uncanny ability to compose, as in art, or architecture, or design jewelry.

You have 3 symbols Egyptian Pyramid.



Robert DeNiro was adamant about his religious beliefs in this lifetime. He provoked those in authority. He probably did not live very long. Perhaps because of provoked enemies.

In this lifetime, if the person has a Hebrew slave pyramid symbol he/she would be a great advocate of free will. Interestingly, it is not uncommon to have both the Egyptian and the Hebrew slave symbol. This shows that at one point you may have enslaved others and then repeated a lifetime in this civilization and came back enslaved.

I notice that people who have Hebrew slave pyramids, have a hard time feeling worthy, and suffer from a persecution complex. Remember, these are the people who physically built the pyramids. They were slaves that could be bought and sold for a favor. They were also the people who Moses sought to free. They are usually in fields where they are serving others. The symbolic difference between the Egyptian and the Hebrew slave is that the Egyptian symbol has two trines, two sextiles and an opposition, while the Hebrew slave will have two sextiles, two in conjunct and a square.

You have 6 symbols Hebrew Slave.



In this lifetime DeNiro practiced magic. He was dealing with those in power and had a well developed intuition. He saw treachery and manipulation. He was very aware of injustice.

The Chaldean 612-539 BC, sometimes referred to as the New Babylonians, conquered the area known as Mesopotamia. In keeping with Assyrian practice, the "New Babylonians," or Chaldeans forced a large part of the Jewish population to relocate. Approximately10, 000, of these Jewish deportees were largely upper class people and craftspeople; this deportation marks the beginning of the Exile in Jewish history. The Chaldeans rebuilt the city of Babylon with great splendor; it would eventually become one of the most magnificent human cities in the area of the Middle East and Mediterranean. However, beneath the shining surface there still existed a number of cities that were loyal to the Assyrians. The entire period dominated by the Babylonians, in fact, is a period of great unrest as Babylonian hegemony was continually tested by philo-Assyrians. This conflict slammed the door on the Babylonian empire after a dynasty of only five kings.

This past life group is similar to the Essene group in the Star of David. They are much disciplined and became egotistical. They were astrologers and psychics. They studied and worshipped nature

You have 40 symbols Chaldean.



In this lifetime DeNiro was uprooted and made to move. He had hidden enemies that were imposing their beliefs on him. He took up the mission and was instrumental in guiding others in their quest for freedom.

The Persians throughout their history lived peacefully in the region just north of the Persian Gulf (modern day Iran). For the most part, they were left unbothered by the epic power struggles broiling to the west in Mesopotamia, Palestine, and Egypt. They were Indo-European peoples who spoke a language similar to Sanskrit and who worshipped gods very similar to the gods of the Vedic period in India. Because they did not have a coastline, life was hard in the region. They traveled in caravans, followed the stars, and had a strong wonder lust. They practiced astrology. Their love of fine material led to decorating their fabrics with trim and fringes. They had good dexterity of hands using it for pottery and weaving. They used herbs and spices, and were active in commerce and trade. They also had a talent for the domestic arts.

They were a people shrouded in mystery. This is the gypsy. People who have this symbol have strong gypsy tendencies, especially in the way of dress. They also have a strong romantic urge to follow the stars and be nomadic. The Persians were a disparate group of Indo-European tribes that developed their own culture and religion unique. The sudden rise of a Persian power has at its center a new set of ideas around a new religion causing an upheaval. The Persians would become the largest and most powerful empire ever known in human history up until that point. By 486 BC, the Persians would control all of Mesopotamia and, in fact, all of the world from Macedon northeast of Greece to Egypt, from Palestine and the Arabian peninsula across Mesopotamia and all the way to India.

In your symbol, the Sun is the ruler and tells you what you are bringing back to this lifetime. It explains the energy. This goes to the opposite house which shows the new religious attitude, how and where it will manifest. The help you will have in this manifestation is Uranus, representing erratic and sudden changes in religious beliefs. Mercury is the tool that will be used to work it out, representing mental dexterity. If Uranus is in the opposite house, then the lifetime in Persia ended young. And if there are no aspects then this represents a very passive life.

You have 1 symbols Persia.




In this lifetime DeNiro worked hard to help others. He was known to be a wise man, and was very much looked up to for this wisdom. He was a powerful and passionate speaker.

If you have this symbol, then your crusade was not Christian. However, the characteristics of the lifetime are similar in that there was a strong desire to work for something outside of the self. People with this symbol also have a great loyalty to causes and will die for a cause. The Hebraic Yoke `will include 2 sextiles (60 degrees), two in conjuncts (150 degrees) one square (90 degrees) and one trine (120 degrees).

The Hebrew crusades took place around the 11th century. The symbols of the French Crusades and the Hebraic Yoke are so closely related because the Hebrew was defending their religion against the French Crusaders. It was during the earliest months of the First Crusade that bands of armed crusaders attacked Jewish communities in western and central Germany. The aim of the crusaders was to convert those Jews whom they could, while others who fell in their path they killed.

If you have this symbol then you fought for your religion, or died for it.

You have 1 symbols Hebraic Yoke.


In this lifetime DeNiro lived a pretty good moral life. He held his views close to his heart. He was a hard worker and he worked carrying a burden. However, he was truly insigthful and did not use violence.

This symbol must contain one node or the ascendant. They held high the desire to promulgate their beliefs. They had an inner drive, and an awakening and a need to do something about their inner self. They wanted a fulfillment of something leading them to a higher force. They needed to project their strong beliefs. If there was no tragedy there was no glory. They were true martyrs, thinking that they were dying in the name of God. Their purpose was outside of the self and it was certainly not God's purpose!

They displayed characteristics of aggressiveness, restlessness and discontent. They desired to push their will on others, by force if needed. Usually there are more than one symbol in your past life chart, indicating that you had an instant re-incarnation, a short life, or participated in many small battles.

I found that people who have the Christian crusades past life are still entering into battles in this lifetime. Many of today's soldiers, whether from Viet Nam, or Iran, come into this lifetime and confront war and violence again. Interestingly, there is frequently a strong indifference to any religion in this lifetime.

You have 4 symbols Christian Crusades.


In this lifetime, DeNiro was probably involved to an extent with relgion. He had a high profile and was known to the public. He was instrumental in making decisions on maybe he did some design work. He had a sense of composition, so art was a love. He also was a powerful speaker. He could embellish words and had an extraordinary imagination. He was always believable.

The most famous Renaissance period occurred between the middle ages and the Reformation, spanning from the 14th through the 16th century. However, remember that characteristics of the Renaissance have been used in other centuries when a rebirth has taken place. The characteristics of this era feature the revival of learning. It brings the rise of courtly and papal patronage, the development of perspective in painting, and the advancements of science.

This period between the 14th and 15th centuries represented a reconnection with the west. With it came a need to absorb knowledge, focus on the importance of living in the present and an explosion of the dissemination of knowledge. This was enhanced by the invention of the printing press. The need to improve current life conditions brought about many inventions, new techniques in art, poetry, music and architecture, which led us to the beginning of the Modern Age.

Many historians now point out that most of the negative social factors popularly associated with the "medieval" period - poverty, ignorance, warfare, religious and political persecution, and so forth - seem to have actually worsened in this era which saw the rise of Machiavelli, the Wars of Religion, the corrupt Borgia Popes, and the intensified witch-hunts of the 16th century. Many people who lived during the Renaissance did not view it as the "golden age" imagined by certain 19th century authors, but were concerned by these social maladies. Significantly though, the artists, writers, and patrons involved in the cultural movements in question believed they were living in a new era that was a clean break from the Middle Ages.

People with this symbol seem to have a variety of interests both artistically and scientifically. Usually when you have this symbol, there will be a creative urge. The creativity has an inventive edge to it. I also notice certain flair with the use of color and fashion. Fashion is always expressed by a renaissance person, and in a most artful way. They also have a willingness to share and teach.

You have 1 symbols Bishop Miter Renaissance .


Indian Butterfly

In this lifetime, DeNiro was familiar with life and death- he knew about crossing over, and he may have assisted people who were dying. Ceremony may be very moving for him now in his life. It seems he was involved with rituals and magic. He had to fight to maintain his position in this lifetime. It seemed as if  he struggled to maintain a certain amount of prestige.

This is a nature oriented symbol. People with this past life are very perceptive with a strong desire to commune with the earth. There is a desire to lead a spiritual life. God is in nature. God permeates all life. India is detachment to matter, and the butterfly is attunement to all things. You will be drawn to some form of earth science such as botany, oceanography, etc., or you will have a need to be in the outdoors.

If you have this past life you will possess a pioneering spirit. You will honor simplicity, and trust your intuitive skills.

The diagonal with the higher number of degrees is the ruling rod.

  • - Ruler represents what you are bringing back with you to this lifetime
  • - The opposite end is where it will manifest
  • - The other aspect is how you will achieve it
  • - Next point is what assistance you will need
  • - Then back to the ruler, which is the culmination.

I found people with this symbol to have an innate ability to commune with nature. They relate to the elements. They have the desire to grow things, work with nature, paint nature, and draw away from people and move closer to nature.

You have 6 symbols Indian Butterfly.

Note: Multiple lifetime in the renaissance or reformation can reflect lifetimes in times of great change or a rebirth of the art and cultural world...not limited to our historical reference to the renaissance and reformation era.