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Healer Medicine Pouches

Keep these Meicine pouches in your pocketbook or pocket for the strength of stone healing.


A tarot card reading on the Kaballah Tree of Life with its 10 emanations demonstrates the flow of the paths mankind travels in a lifetime. Get this exclusive guide to reading the Kabilistic Tarot. Anybody can do a reading with this guide!

Inspired Tree Note Cards-Package includes 6 note cards on heavy card stock paper. You will receive 6 tree charcoal sketches from Gina's Black and White Photography.


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Prayer Cards

Keep them for prayer, and Meditation or use them as angel cards.  Includes the Hebrew Letter and influenced by the Kaballah, a meditation especially written for that letter.

Includes 9 meditation cards $19.95

Note - (this is not the numerology prayer card but rather a pack of all nine cards.)

Buy Now $19.95