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Angelina Jolie Astro Lifeline Reading

Date of Birth: Wed Jun 04, 1975
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Ages Birth-6 years of age: She has come into this lifetime to learn the harmful effects of language. She was subjected to this during these early years. It may have been language she heard between her parents. She has an extreme sensitivity to sound. This can wound her deeply. She has a very fragile side that she may keep hidden, but those who know her may sense it. She can suffer and have deep despair from any kind of aggressive behavior. She will fight hard to survive, but all her emotions will show. Some will take advantage of her vulnerable side. Situations with her Father were quite overwhelming in these early years.

Ages 6-12 years of age: Did her father disappear on her somehow? Did he have secrets, did his profession take him away from home? Whatever happened to her during these years left her confused about men. Angelina also did not feel nurtured. Perhaps one of her parents were not available; either they were sick or missing. She has a very shy side. She keeps a lot inside, but she has a deep desire to give and receive love. Her public image will not portray her accurately.

Ages 12-18 years of age: This was a time when she is vibrant and exuberant. She had many friends. She was seen and all seemed good. She may have had an incident of mistrust with a particular friend. She could of had an
incident with a car accident, with a friend. She is smart but it may be hard for her to stay focused. She can have an interesting romantic experience during this time.

Ages 18-24 years of age: She goes into the cave, she is hiding to nurture herself. She may be wounded by love. She could also be working too hard during this time. She feels rejected by love. Her father or even her mother could be suffering personally and this could effect her. She is a care giver and deeply desires to nurture others, this is an innate calling. She is spiritually guided to be a light giver. Her focus is to love. She has to deal with issues about her own mother during this time.

Ages 24-30 years of age: She emerges from the cave, and is seen by the public in a big way. Her self esteem is challenged. She sees many sides and has some revelations about herself. Contracts are good but may have a powerful grip on her. This may have left her unable to express herself or unable to have a sense of control. She may have felt choked. Her love life is made public and this makes her nervous and uneasy. The hurtful language comes around again. This can cause her some heart ache and may even leave her heart somewhat wounded. She can have erratic heart palpitations- this is so emotional.

Ages 30-36 years of age: During this time, she suffers from extreme criticism. This criticism goes right into her intestinal area. She wants and needs her family during this time. Her public image is exploited and men in her life can disappear and not give her the support that she needs.

Ages 36-42 years of age: She feels alienated in her relationship. This goes back to her childhood. This is a dangerous time for her emotionally. She can not see her inner beauty and may feel desperate to love and to be loved. Her children become a major concern during this time also. She needs to trust her own inner beauty and her
ability to give and receive love. There is definitely some major manipulation going on in her life during this time.
She will be strong because she will have spiritual protection.

Ages 42- 48 years of age: Her home can come apart. She will feel uprooted and disconnected from a loved one. A partner can hurt her. She gathers her will power and does something profound. There are lies printed about her. She has hidden enemies. However, she has love in her heart. She turns her attention to the philosophical and spiritual world. Her words and work are taken more serious.

Ages 48 - 54 years of age: During this time she finds a mysterious lover; someone who is deep and
spiritual. She finally has true love. Words are poetry now. She experiences the beauty in language and the healing effects of powerful words of love. She is dramatic and emotional. She is brave. She may write a book about herself. She may move to a foreign country.

Ages 54-60 years of age: She may stop work, and reorganize her life. She can do important work behind the scenes. She can get politically involved. She has to take care of her stomach. That is where she holds all her
emotional stuff. She may hide out to heal. She nurses a man in her life.

Ages 60-66 years of age: A partner leaves, so she experiences another separation. She finds herself immersed in community work. She detaches from the media and reassesses the harmful wrong doing and the toll it took on her life. She retreats from the public view. She is evolving and shuns the glamour of Hollywood.

Ages 66-72 years of age: Angelina is wise and very aware. She comes to terms with herself, and re-evaluates her life. She is very psychic during this time. Her senses are heightened and she can go into blissful
states of peace.She gets her finances in order and spends much time with her children.

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