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Ashton Kutcher's Natal Chart Reading

Date of Birth: Tues Feb. 07, 1978
Place of Birth: Cedar Rapids, USA

First house is in Gemini

Gemini Myth: In this labor, you must make contact with the soul. Belief becomes knowledge. It is the meeting with the higher self, as teacher. It is the recognition of the higher self through flashes of illumination that are fleeting and elusive. It is to search without discouragement, deception, or haste. It is being aware of wasting time with false teachers. Realizing that you are safe when you raise your thinking to the light. Know that truth is within. The golden apple is deeds of love and service to others. The five senses open up, in Gemini and the mind makes its' appearance and we enter into the world of duality. Man emerges as a spiritual being. Where Gemini is in the chart is where there is a desire for discipleship. The house that is ruled by Gemini is how we might serve. Knowledge must be transmuted into wisdom.

Ruling Planet- Mercury rules Gemini. Wherever Mercury is in the chart is where one will feel nervous and distrustful. You can have excited feelings. There is always a little bit of doubt creeps in; like it is too good to be true. Remember the arch deceiver and the false teacher. Learn to listen

With Gemini ruling Ashton's first house, he will be extremely intuitive since his senses are heightened and awareness is ever present. A Gemini first house can make one nervous and uncertain about their self-image. It can produce insecurities. Ashton is alert to details, and his intellect is expressed. Communication is the key to who he is. He is always giving and receiving messages. He is always in a mental state of being. At times he can be very nervous, since his thoughts would have a tendency to race. Remember this is Aries territory, the natural ruler of the first house, which is already overwhelmed with thoughts that are out of control. He may appear to be changeable from one moment to the next. Interestingly, he may want to re-think some associations and friendships. He should make sure that he is not involved with too much superficiality.

Jupiter in Ashton's First House can make him large, both physically and in the way he projects his image. Ashton will feel compelled to give of himself. Infact he may give without any restraint or discernment. This can make him feel at times vulnerable and exploited. Ashton will need to develop skills to protect himself while still being able to give in the generous proportions that he would like to give. He must learn not to take everything so personally. He need not be so sensitive. Having an inner awareness can help those feelings of being vulnerable.

Second house is in Cancer

Cancer Myth: In Cancer one must decide which voice to listen to, so obey your heart. Wake up to an inner awareness that is your own truth. In order to obtain this state of awareness takes a deep silence. You need to quiet the chatter of the mind, to discriminate what is pure. You can glimpse a truth once, briefly and elusively, only to search over and over again. It is being lost in darkness, wandering in a wilderness. You must transmute instinct into the higher spiritual intuitive self. The home is essential for your well being. The true home is back with God; seeking God and seeking home is the same. The sacred doe is the symbol of the instantaneous recognition of truth, and that is what must be seized. In this labor, patience and humility are necessary for you to use and develop. The Pole star will guide you on your journey.

Ruling Planet- The Moon rules Cancer. Where the Moon is you will experience similar feelings for security and a home base. It is also a place of emotional ups and downs. You are navigating the elusive states of intuition. Your lesson is learning to trust your own inner voice.

With Cancer ruling Ashton's second house, he will be seeking money and acquisitions. However, he will be intuitive about money and will if possible plan for a secure financial life. A Cancer second house makes Ashton protect himself financially. He leave little, if nothing, up to chance when it comes to money. In fact, he will be quiet and hidden about his possessions and riches. He may learn about life through priorities, and at some point have an awareness that takes him away from his material obsessions. He can nurture others with his money. Money can come from the mother.

Third house is in Leo

Leo Myth: In this Labor is the need to listen on deep inner levels. You must quiet the ego, so the inner ear can be heard. Where the house of Leo is one can tremble and hide silently behind a locked door. Here the loud and frightening sounds that create fear need to be cast out. Rage and fear can both exist in the house of Leo. Until you summon courage, you will not succeed. Hercules only weapon is his club. He blocks the opening of a cave with wood and sticks, and blocks out the light of day, until the lion grows weaker and weaker. That roaring lion is the personality or the ego. The ego can create fear, especially when it seems threatened. Hercules goes deep within where it is dark to confront the personality. You can experience an inability to speak, sometimes getting choked up emotionally, or not being heard, because someone else is making a lot of noise.

Ruling Planet-The Sun is the ruler of Leo, and where Leo is the Sun shines. There is a burden that comes with this, because the Sun is life, and life is about pain and struggle. Leo rules the heart. One must have courage in order to love. Through heartfelt experiences one can suffer, with an unmentionable pain. There is also a need to be seen. If you are loved then you are seen. Where Leo is there is drama, because there is a need to shine and to be noticed.

Ashton's Leo in the third house makes it important for him to be heard. There is a desire for self-expression through language, but keep he must keep it pure. With Leo ruling his third house, makes him very dramatic in his self-expression. However, he may hold back from expressing himself within the family, especially with brothers and sisters. Sometimes he will be forced into silence on some matter. Ashton may have suffered from shyness in the early years at school, or may suffer an experience that he cannot talk about. He can be a gifted storyteller, and always had desire to act and be on stage. If he cannot verbally express his truth then he can write about it. With the written word he maybe able to teach others to be strong and beautiful.

Ashton's Mars in Third house makes him quite talkative. His language is powerful, and aggressive. He can have a temper. Also, It is hard for him to keep his opinions to himself. There is a need for self expression, perhaps in writing, or teaching. There can be tension in relationships with siblings. He can find himself in trouble with contracts and agreements, so he needs to be careful signing his name. He has a focused mind with the ability to analyze. Ashton is alert to his environment.

Forth house is in Virgo

Virgo Myth: "The powerful hand grip in Leo becomes the healing hand of service in Virgo." High upon an altar stood the Queen Hippolyte wearing the girdle of Venus, signifying love and a symbol of the sacred child. Hercules did not listen to her fair words. He struggled with her and killed her; the one who was giving him a gift of love. Virgo is the oldest of all zodiacal signs. You must shield and nurture your hidden spirituality. You have in Virgo two directions, one of virtue and one of vice. There is the ancient war between the sexes that takes place in Virgo. I am the mother and the child. You must ask, "How can I best serve?" You must respect the child within yourself so you can recognize the vulnerable and sacred child in others. It is through the house that Virgo occupies you can find the best way to access your inner child, and extend that loving respect to others.

Ruling Planet- The ruler of Virgo is Mercury. The house where Mercury resides is where one is mercurial. This means that you vacillate with a nervous excitement. Happy then scared, not trusting, but wanting to trust. Afraid the little child is going to get hurt, because the little child did get hurt. Love was rejected, so, therefore, there exists an anxiety about love.

Ashton's Virgo in the Fourth house may make one nervous about being home, or nervous about losing a home. He may be meticulous at home, over seeing every detail, enhancing his interior decorating ideas. However, as a child Ashton may have been criticised alot from a "perfectionist parent. Thus, he needs to relax more from this type of stress because it can hurt the integrity of the body. Usually with Virgo in the fourth, one will have to deal with the mother figure. She may undermine his integrity with criticism. Because of this experience he may want to help others by nurturing them and giving them a place of safety. He may nurture your own inner child through acts of unconditional love.

Ashton's Saturn in the Fourth house Where Saturn is in your chart is where you bury "stuff," not just on the physical level, but on a psychological and spiritual level as well. Saturn rules Capricorn. The fourth house is the house of family. With Saturn Ashton's home life may have been somewhat somber. His mother may have had hardships or depression. Parts of His soul and inner nature are serious and hard working. He probably helped out at home, perhaps even working at a young age. Ashton's home may be a place of work with everything highly organized and functional, although it can be sparse, severe and cold. On a spiritual level he must nurture himself and then others. He is preparing his soul to render service.

Fifth house is in Libra

Libra Myth: Balance and judgment are required for tasks in Libra. Take the time to nourish yourself. This is a test of friendship and courage. Here fear and terror exist, but no weapons are used in this initiation, for fear of killing another. Librans have a tendency to forget their mission in life, and often take up in carousing with friends. It is a crisis that puts you back on your spiritual path. Subtle skills are needed, since a Libran will not confront. This is one of the most difficult signs to understand. It is the symbol of the spider because the Libran is always weaving a perpetual web of entangled relationships. However, this is the only labor that has laughter, even in the worst experiences there will be some laughter from a Libran. Try to make decisions, since there is a difficulty in decision making with this sign.

Ruling Planet- The ruler of Libra is Venus. Venus is not just about love and beauty, but also truth. Anything that is concerned with love is concerned with truth. There is no love where there is no truth. Distrust resides where Libra is, or the house that contains Venus. Disappointment comes with this placement of Venus. The Libran labor is marked with crisis, but this is the very thing that leads the Libran individual to another level. So do not be overwhelmed by the thought of a crisis. Most Librans can marshal their energies to deal with the crisis, and this can make them great leaders.

Ashton's Libra in the Fifth house will help him work creatively with children. It can also mean that he may suffer a crisis with children, or in his own childhood. This, in turn, can get transformed through art. He has a love of art and beauty that is esthetically balanced. He has a desire to love others. These love affairs could put him on edge. Of course his friends will be artists or in the entertainment industry. He has an active social life.

Ashton's Pluto in the Fifth house Where Pluto is in your chart is where you are flat lining, where a person experiences death, not literally, but figuratively. This is the experience that seems life threatening and overwhelming, but, in the end, can transform a person into states of rebirth and renewal. The house that contains Pluto will have heavy psychological consequences that will come up again and again to be worked on and refined. In Ashton's case Pluto is in the house of children. This will cause him to feel unable to control or protect his own children in the future and there maybe a dramatic experience children. The result may be the loss of a child, not necessarily through death. Investments can have sudden reversals. This is the time to use your creative talents. Success can be found in the outpouring of creative energy. Although time can be spent alone and alienated, it is usually with a focus on a passion. With Pluto here, states of love and compassion can reach new heights.

Sixth house is in Scorpio

Scorpio Myth: This Labor is simple, just surrender. In this labor there is darkness and perpetual night. However, Scorpio does not always require the daylight, and has an affinity for a dark cave, or a desire to be enclosed and hidden. Scorpio uses strategy. You must expose the ugliness that is buried deep within to the air and light so the darkness will grow weaker and weaker. Accumulated mistakes, failures, and evils of the past must be dealt with before you can find the hidden treasure, the buried jewel. This is an endless struggle, since life is always testing you. You must find at "one-ment" in this world of duality. This is a technique that can keep you centered.

Ruling Planet- The ruler of Scorpio is Mars and Pluto Mars is focused energy. Whatever house Mars resides in is where you are focused. Pluto is transformation. Where ever Pluto is will give you a life altering experience, from which it can be hard to recover. When you are transformed then you become empowered. Both Mars and Pluto are highly eruptive. They represent extremely intense energy that will create dramatic results.

Ashton's Scorpio in the Sixth house can make his work painstakingly analytical. He uses psychology at work, always dissecting both mentally or physically. He is a hard worker, probably a workaholic. . A Scorpio sixth house brings power struggles at work, or a workload that is strenuous and overwhelming. He may have health issues which make him fight hard to recover. Persistence brings transformation.

Ashton's Uranus in the Sixth house Where Uranus is in one's chart is where one will have feelings of being uprooted, disengaged, separated, or a loss of connections. Sometimes this happens in order to get to the next spiritual level without being attached to the past. The sixth house is where your work lies. Uranus here brings with it sudden work changes. Ashton must adjust to sudden changes in life without feeling uprooted.. Beware, health issues can take a sudden turn and cause him to rethink his job.

Seventh house is in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Myth: In this Labor you are guided by a fierce desire for truth. The sounds of aggression, hate, and prejudice come from these birds, with beaks that are as sharp as swords with talons to match. There were so many birds that they hid the sun, the light of the world. These highly aggressive birds represent the misuse of language. It is language that can pierce you, and cause you much pain.

The ruler of Sagittaurius is Jupiter. Remember that wherever Jupiter is, you expand or become overwhelmed. Jupiter is benevolent, and tolerant. It can give you grand schemes in life by mere exaggeration. These exaggerations can bring anxiety.

Ashton's Sagittarius in the Seventh house can lead to him wounding orbeinge wounded by your spouse or partner. Malicious gossip can hurt his relationships. Be aware that gossip here can spread and do quite a lot of damage. He will have obvious enemies that may want to hurt him. He can have a teaching partner and can expand in his business through partners. He will have a large public persona. He can publish with a partner, or his partner can publish.

Ashton's Neptune in the Seventh house Wherever Neptune is there is also an element of confusion. What slips away? This depends upon the house that Neptune is affecting, but commonly you will experience the loss of integrity or the loss of clarity. You loose the boundaries because there is a bleeding of one boundary into another. You are not being able to separate the black and the white; it all becomes gray. Ashton's confusion is in the seventh house of partnerships. Neptune in this placement will bring with it a feeling of losing a partner. This maybe because of health reasons that are progressing slowly. Business partnerships may termination or dissolve. Pay attention. He may not understand or see clearly relationships that may have a potential for undermining his reputation. This can include jealousy or competition in business. There is an enemy that is not clearly seen.

Eighth house is in Capricorn

Capricorn Myth: Gently touch your forehead, awaken your third eye, and see a vision. You are asked to be a savior. You must go to Hell and save Prometheus and release him from his suffering. The path of a world savior is the loneliest of all. You work for the benefit of the universe through individual experiences, which bring compassion to others. You must perform an act of service because good intentions need to be carried out. This is a sign that is both universal and impersonal.

The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn. Where Saturn lies is where you bury yourself. For example-if it is in the sixth house-you can bury yourself in your work, if Saturn is in the third house, you can bury yourself in your studies and hobbies, or bury a relationship with sibling. Capricorn is also the loneliest of all the signs.

Ashton's Capricorn in the Eighth house will bring with it entanglements from or with other people's money. An inheritance can be denied, or he can inherit money, but there is suffering that comes with that inheritance. If he work through the illusions that come with this sign, he can work miracles with others, helping to raise money for worthy causes. Emotionally, however, intimacy may be restricted. Even though Capricorn has an earthiness to it, Saturn rules it and can block feelings of intimacy. A Capricorn eighth house makes him vulnerable to powerful types who can manipulate you financially or sexually. He may be burying some sexual experience from his past.

Ninth house is in Aquarius

Aquarius Myth: In this Labor you will find no reward for your good work. You must seek to serve the world without recompense. Two rivers, one of love and one of life rush forward to sweep away the accumulated filth. You must clean up what is toxic in your life, as Hercules did when he cleaned away the accumulated dung in the stables. Remember to serve without reward.

The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus and whichever house Uranus is there can be sudden upheaval, uprooting you, and leaving you with no support. The only support would be from within, from your own inner faith. Also, whichever house Uranus resides is where you step out of the box; no boundary can contain you.

Ashton's Aquarius in the Ninth house shows that his mind is abstract and scientific. It can be eccentric in its thinking process and even lean toward the paranormal. His religious views will not conform; in fact he may break away altogether and have no religion or perhaps science is your new religion. He can educate others in a different way. His thinking is visionary. Beware of trouble with the law. An Aquarius ninth house can make you a broad-minded individual that can think out of the box. Legal issues can trouble him, especially with governing agencies

Ashton's Mercury in the Ninth house Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. The house where Mercury lies is where one is mercurial in such a way that you vacillate with a nervous excitement. Mercury moves with haste and ignores messages. A Ninth House Mercury means that he is bright and perceptive, although school can make him nervous. He can get restless, and need to be on the move. His mind also needs to be on the move because he is expansive, and can think outside the box. He can write and publish and would have been a fine teacher. He must uphold integrity because deception can bring him legal trouble. He can also delve into politics. He has a need to travel. In-laws can be troublesome.

Tenth house is in Pisces

Pisces Myth: The Sun God Helios will give you strength to go through this last labor, which is one of illusion. Sometimes you are lost and there is sadness and grief with the world. Meditation is the key for protection, so that you can maintain a center of integrity. This is the sign that represents the crucifixion; the personality must die. Hercules must overcome the emotional body, the physical body, and the mental body, because they are like a monster. The transformation into the spiritual life will not occur until you kill the monster.

The ruler of Pisces is Neptune, and wherever Neptune is you have those feelings of vulnerability. Where Neptune is things slip away, so you will feel as if you cannot hold onto anything. All things can slip through your grip. Neptune is the planet of dissolving; dissolve into God, a perfect union and the final home. How often are we lost on the journey back to God? Faith is the wisdom here. Carry that with you and let that be your light.

Ashton's Pisces in the Tenth house may mean that Ashton's had a missing father, or brother. This verifies his ability to work under cover, or in the film business, even perhaps behind the scenes. Althought he may not know it Ashton is a healer, and a mystic. He can work with music. All these talents may lead him to slip from one focus to another. He can suffer a serious crisis in his profession, or through his father. He may suffer from slander or scandal.

Ashton's Moon in the tenth house The Moon causes great fluctuations, like the ocean and its' tides. Where the moon resides you will feel inconsistent and wavy. Your emotions are hard to control, experiencing ups and downs. This creates a feeling of being vulnerable, because of the dramatic fluctuations within. Ashton's Tenth House Moon will make his mother strong, and she may have taken the place of the father. He is good with the public, and have a public profile. He is expressive, and dramatic and show his emotions to the world. He wears no mask, however, he will not always be perceived correctly.

Ashton's Sun in the tenth house The sun rules Leo, and wherever the sun is you shine and exude your most positive energies. Where your sun is in the chart, is where the light is. Remember to acknowledge that house, and use it to heal yourself. A Tenth house Sun means that Ahton is powerful. He has considerable business savvy. He is seen and has a presence about him. He is a good public speaker and does not mind the limelight. His father is important to him, and his acknowledgement is important as well, or he will suffer from not being validated. Be careful of scandal.

Ashton's Venus in the tenth house Venus is not just about love and beauty, but also truth. Anything that is concerned with love is concerned with truth, because there is no love where there is no truth. Venus struggles with confusion and heartache, as well as love and contentment. A Tenth House Venus makes him confused about a situation regarding your father. Ashton can work in the world of art, music, or fashion. Ashton can fall in love with someone powerful and controlling. Ashton's public image can get ruined, especially through a love scandal. He is known for his "beauty," but hopefully even more for his inner beauty. There is confusion about him with powerful people. Be aware of becoming an object of "beauty" for some powerful and manipulative person, or group. He will have a highly public profile.

Eleventh house is in Aries

Aries Myth: You Rush forward with over confidence, feeling successful before success is achieved. However this brings in an inventive and creative mind. THUS allowing one to pioneer the new and unexplored. Drastic fluctuations can occur. You have the need for freedom. You have dominating mental energy and powerful thoughts. There is cruelty from uncontrolled use of language, either as gossip or criticism. Where Aries resides in the natal chart is where these overwhelming experiences within the mind will show up.

The ruler of Aries is Mars Mars represents pain and separation. This pain and separation forms a pattern. Aries is the "I am" and Mars is the "I do", therefore "I am what I do".

Ashton's Aries in the Eleventh house means that his friends will be paramount to you. He will also have a profound influence over many people. He can be a servant to mankind, expressing powerful language, or he can misuse your words hurting others with cruel thinking and erroneous thoughts and beliefs. This is his test. Ashton must be a responsible leader of others, and thus lead them to the high ground. He will have tremendous energy for the task. The downside is that he can be attacked by malicious gossip. This is the self-verses the community, so put the self aside and the results will be better.

Twelfth house is in Taurus

Taurus Myth: Alone one seeks, sad and conscious of need. Wherever Taurus is, there is always a long search, and feelings of confusion, because you are dealing with the problems of illusion. You do not see things clearly as if you are under a spell. You can be caught up in the world of glamour, because the soul, through desire, takes a body. You understand the law of attraction; the instinctive urge to create, but many pains accompany this urge. Life is stormy, and you are lost in the storm. Enlightenment comes when the eye is opened. Three one eyed giants, or initiates live on an island, the island is you alone in the world, a bull in a holy place. It is important to control desire.

The ruler of Tauris is Venus. Here you will have confusion. There will be a tendency to loose your boundaries. Often stepping out of the box of conformity or morality. Illusion exists where Taurus resides. There will always be feelings of loneliness. Taurus is "I desire" Venus is "Love"

Ashton's Taurius in the Twelfth house will cause his interior self to be quite confusing. It may be hard for anyone with this placement to feel grounded. The subconscious can get lost in confusion. He may distrust himself, and therefore, feelings of paranoia can result. It is beneficial to be as creative as possible. He can keep the ego and personality"out" as much as possible. His enemies are hidden. One's instincts and intuition at times are not dependable, thus, causing confusion. His sensitivity states are heightened.


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