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Johnny Depp Astrolife Line Reading

Date of Birth: Sun Jun 09, 1963
Place of Birth: Owensboro, Kentucky, USA

Ages Birth-6 years of age: He grew up with lots of words both english and foreign perhaps even studying language. He may have been separated from a sibling. This suggests that the separation was from a dominant male figure, a father or older brother perhaps by a car accident. This was deeply wounding. His self image was wounded but he was strong and willful in his need to survive. However, he is always doing work on his self-worth perhaps because of verbal criticism at this stage in his life.

Ages 6-12 years of age: Confused about the love of a brother/father, the one that nurtured him. He did not trust or believe his father. Authority makes him nervous. He begins to distrust those in authority. He argues using words and language. He exudes charm and creativity and may already be an actor. He has a strong need to be validated and loved.

Ages 12-18 years of age: This is the age where John came out into the world. He shines in a brilliant way. He was working in film. He falls in love at this point and looses his childhood. He makes powerful friends. He joins groups and organizations to valuable work. He Studies writing and film, and is probably a very good artist.

Ages 18-24 years of age: At this point Johnny Depp begins to submerge and goes into a cave. He may have seen his mother or a woman he cared about around him sick. He may have had a conflict or disagreement at work. This conflict could be with open enemies so he lays low and disappears. During this time he is extremely snesitive.

Ages 24-30 years of age: He emerges again and is really in the spotlight. He is at his most powerful point while in Leo...he shines. He needs to express himself and can no longer be silent. The rage comes out. He empowers himself by separating from important people with whom he was working. He makes himself more and more independent. He meets new people who can assist him in his life and further his career.

Ages 30-36 years of age: He heals himself. Here a lot of money is changing hands. He is very aggressive and independent. He separates from groups or people that are too authoritarian. Sells himself with the focus on money; that is the motivation. May loose a sibling during this time. He is vulnerable about his self worth.

Ages 36-42 years of age: His Libra years is all about love and a contract of love. Creating a partnership gives him the ability to be peaceful and free. Tries to carry this over to his work. Here he needed to beware of false friends. He may form a partnership with a family member. Issues dealing with the father may re-emerge.

Ages 42- 48 years of age: At this age he will sell a home and move towards water. The home is of great importance. He has to pay particular attention to his body expecially the bladder or intestinal area. He has to be careful of a medicine that can have a harmful affect on him. He is a perfectionist and puts himself under stress. Mother may disappear a little. May have children.

Ages 48 - 54 years of age: The Sagittauris years implies litigation. He could buy and sell land. He is more creative and enterprising and may choose to study. Works with a foreign language. May be dealing with a child's education. He may be making decision about his own children's education. His image is attacked. There could be slander.

Ages 54-60 years of age: At this stage he needs to worry about his bones and knees. He may have to take care of someone close to him who is ill. (this could be a child) He is a healer and can do healing work. He will need to get his circulation checked especially the carrotted artery. He may need to free up from a business partner. This can create an open enemy.

Ages 60-66 years of age: This is about partners. During this time he needs to free himself up from a business partner. This is not easy for him to do because there is manipulation and even blackmail involved. There is injury incurred and his reputation may be damaged. However, he is strong willed. He should take no threats or manipulation from the opposite sex.

Ages 66-72 years of age: This age is all about health. Taking care of the body. He may sell his home and move away. Escaping from life for a little while. He goes into a cave. He needs to be alone, and he needs peace at this point in his life. He is tired. He can have mystical experiences during this time.

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