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Astrological Natal Chart and the Labors of Hercules

Hercules in Greek mythology had to go through 12 labours to prove that he was the son of Zeus. What does this have to do with Astrology? When looked at from an astrologers point of view, these 12 labours are represented by the 12 signs and, therefore, houses of the Zodiac. Each labour represents a lesson that will be learned in this incarnation. Some are easy, and some are very difficult indeed.

Your FREE Astrology Natal Chart has been structured to reflect the Labors of Hercules in a house reading. This reading is not "sugar coated" because it represents your labors or lessons in this lifetime. With this knowledge, you can go through your chart with a new understanding of the astrological influences in your life.

Simply click the link below enter your information and hit submit and watch as the sky on the day/night you were born is re-created before your eyes.


Carry your Astrology Chart in your Wallet! Order a laminated personalized astrology chart with your signs and planets, and the next time you are asked "what is your rising sign?" The answer is at hand.

Personal Wallet Astrology Chart....$10.00.

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If you would like a full reading for $25.00; which includes planetary influences through the Labors of Hercules, simply fill out the information and hit submit at the top of your free chart you can order your Full Natal Chart and the Labors of Hercules.  After payment is made you will once again see your chart form before your eyes and you will receive the reading which can be e-mailed to you or printed out. It is up to you!