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Celebrity Astrology Charts or Astro Life Line

Ben Affleck
Drew Barrymore
Jeff Bridges
Nicholas Cage
Sean Connery
Matt Damon
Robert De Niro
Johnny Depp
Matt Dillon
Clint Eastwood
Brendan Fraser
Harrison Ford
Michael J. Fox
Mel Gibson
Angelina Jolie
Ashton Kutcher
Dali Lama
Brad Pitt
Britney Spears
Bruce Springsteen
john travolta
Oprah Winfred
Tiger Woods









Celebrity Natal Chart is ZodiacAnswers natal chart reading through the Labours of Hercules. Read about the lessons that your favorite celebrity has or will deal with in this lifetime.

Astrology lifeline reading is a form of chart reading which takes your chart and reads it from birth to 72 years of age. We used this technique in doing some of the celebrity astrology readings.

Curious? Just click on your favorite celebrity enjoy your favorite celebrity's Natal Chart.

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Free Natal Chart or Full Natal Chart


Carry your Astrology Chart in your Wallet! Order a laminated personalized astrology chart with your signs and planets or your favorite celebrity!!! The next time you are asked "what is your rising sign?" The answer is at hand.

Personal Wallet Astrology Chart....$10.00.

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