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Robert De Niro Astro Lifeline Reading

Date of Birth: Tue Aug 17, 1943
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Ages Birth-6 years of age: It is clear that Robert Deniro is very much about his father. He was a very strong influence in these early years. He had to be seen from a very young age and needed the attention of his father. He was very aware of his father's charisma. In fact, he may have hated sharing his father with other people. He may have seen his father's friends betray him and learned not to trust. If he had sibling, then Robert DeNiro would not like being left out, and had to struggle for attention. School made him nervous. He was shy at this age.

Ages 6-12 years of age: Robert DeNiro was focused on friends and family members, probably cousins. He again needed to be social, and was quite entertaining. His senses were being developed at this time. He was very aware of beauty and his own sexuality at a young age. He acted out and may have been hyper at times. He definitely did day dream. He was already discovering language and words. There is a writer inside him.

Ages 12-18 years of age: Robert deNiro experienced a sudden tragedy through a friendship or a sibling. He had an uprooting experience that leaves him more than upset in fact this effects his nervous system. Perhaps it was someone he cared about that had some kind of an accident.  He may also have moved and changed schools this could have been upsetting to him. He goes into a cave mode. He internalizes much. He is worried about his father and may suffer depression. He could also being studying and working hard behind the scenes.

Ages 18-24 years of age: Robert DeNiro begins to emerge from his cave experience and he comes out into the world. He goes away to school. He meets a girl at school. It is hard for him to leave home. There is something sad about his mother. He takes on her pain. This could have caused him to have kidney problems.

Ages 24-30 years of age: This time period is an important segment of age for Mr. DeNiro. He must find his voice and self-worth. Here he experienced endings, especially with the men in his life. This seems to be about his father. He felt overwhelmed and lost. He was angry and had to deal with his rage.

Ages 30-36 years of age: During this age DeNiro must heal himself. He threw himself into his work and signed a contract or two at this time. He was a perfectionist. He was feeling vulnerable and nervous. However, he was happy and excited about his life.

Ages 36-42 years of age: During this period of time love seems to slip away. Maybe DeNiro is working at home on some project. He may have needed to move and make some changes in his life. He needed to pay attention to his health, paricularly his kidneys'. He needed to express love, especially to family members. He could have indulged in writing at this time.

Ages 42- 48 years of age: I call these the hell years. He slips back into some childhood memories. He could experience the loss of a close friend. He becomes more creative during this time, and also re-examines his deep feelings about love. There is a need for passion so his desires can get out of control. He may learn about how he uses control in his life. Children become important and a focus during this time.

Ages 48 - 54 years of age: This was a time of expansion for DeNiro and there was opportunity to work. There were some powerful people manipulating deals. Money was made, and self esteem got tested. He needed to safeguard his heart. He must pay attention to health issues during this time. There are endings for him, maybe someone he cared about leaves the planet during this time. He can get very angry about a money deal, and must defend his integrity. He was highly sexual during this time. The past comes around, or a person from his past comes into his life again.

Ages 54-60 years of age: At this stage Deniro has a very public image. This gets to him at times. He actually wants and desires to retreat from all that activity and share some quiet time with someone special. I believe there is a writer in DeNiro, and he is either reading or writing extensively and privately. He never stops learning and has a restless mind. Family matters are a focus now.

Ages 60-66 years of age: He begins to get his financial world in order. There is much family involvement. Wills and agreements are negotiated. A sibling can have a health issue, if there is no sibling then a family member. He is introspective during this time.  He is also very intuitive and can have some unusual paranormal experience.

Ages 66-72 years of age: He will be very emotional during this time. He is sad or in grief about a woman. He thinks about his mother. There is a need for solitude and peace. He has a very poetic mind, and has much compassion for people. He needs to contemplate, commune and be somewhere beautiful. He should write something beautiful to the world, it would be remembered.