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Harrison Ford Astro Lifeline Reading

Date of Birth: Mon Jul 13, 1942
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Ages Birth-6 years of age: Harrison Ford has come into this lifetime to learn about sharing. He needs to learn how to separate himself from his audience in order to be authentic. These were his earliest experiences. He was very conscious of those around him. He was friendly and out going and loved attention. He was a ham or actor right from the beginning. Both his parents made him very aware of his image to the public. His mother was dominant, and his father may have been more nurturing.

Ages 6-12 years of age: In the Taurus years, Harrison Ford is exceedingly intuitive. At this age this is not easy and it becomes confusing for him. The language from his father is either absent or not all together honest. He begins to distrust words and promises that never come to fruitition. His father and other male role models become unpredictable. At this age, he may be off in a private school where he can experience the unusual.

Ages 12-18 years of age: At this age, Harrison Ford is uprooted and facing many unusual changes especially with his father. He is uncertain of his father's love.A sibling becomes problematic. Legal advice may be needed. He has a love interest at this time. It is a very nurturing experience. his focus is on and off, and learning is erratic. He is very bright. He does not conform. He is scattered.


Ages 18-24 years of age: At this age he has recognition and success. He is a powerful speaker. He is excited about his endeavers and about work. He is aware of the dynamics between his Mother and Father. He has guidance and love and support. Although he is not consistant. His emotions are wavy, and he is concerned about his mother.

Ages 24-30 years of age: At this age Harrison Ford must express his honest feeling. He no longer wants to be choked. He begins to emerge. Powerful friends surround him. There are changes and endings to agreements. He is now independent.He may lose a friend suddenly somehow. He may fall in love with a friend or meet a lover through a friend.

Ages 30-36 years of age: At this age he goes into the cave, to heal. He is internally wounded. Or he may have a need to retreat. He can also do extensive work behind the scenes. He is studying and doing much research. He writes his feelingsa down, and reflects on those who are important to him. Hidden enemies can show themselves. He becomes interested in children or in his own childhood.

Ages 36-42 years of age: There is much publicity, and a serious relationship is on the horizon. He may have to sign contracts and agreements. This is a stimulating time with lots of new experiences and people. he travels and has a varied and interesting lifestyle. There is love and freedom of expression. Someone special opens him up.

Ages 42- 48 years of age: These are the hell years. There are endings and loss. Again he has to shed some toxic people around him. The separation is painful. The past with his Father comes around again. Old buttons are pushed. He does not want to be manipulated. He must watch over his children. he is seeking security and a nest,

Ages 48 - 54 years of age: He begins to expand again. New contracts come about. He becomes interested in his children and their education whcih he may be overseeing. He has more energy and a desire to travel and to learn something new. Dealings with siblings can be overwhelming. Words touch him deeply. He may revamp his life and seek legal advice.

Ages 54-60 years of age: He reorgainizes or is uprooted from his home. He moves in with someone young. He is sad, but his mercurial ways over ride his sence of responsibility. He needs new information and he needs to feel young again. This goes back to his not feeling loved by his father, and the irradic shift that happened earlier in his childhood is not repeated.

Ages 60-66 years of age: Harrison Ford is detached from love, and from his children. He needs freedom. He may sell and buy his real estate. He needs to be creative and to work again. This is a push pull situation. He is flip-flopping and not making clear decisions. Children need attention. He tries to avoid the media. Issues involving motherhood and children come up. He is shakey about his public image.

Ages 66-72 years of age: In his pisces years he will work behind the scenes in the film industry. He may experience trouble with his feet. He has to safeguard his intestinal area. He deals with grief. He could possibly make another movie during this time. He may be inspired to write his own story. Old firends disappear and new friends emerge. He must read all contracts carefully. His nervous system is compromised.