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As natural sunlight passes through a crystal it refracts into the colors of the rainbow, radiating prisms of light in all directions. Crystals have been known for centuries for their power to energize and have been used as a healing tool for 1000's of years.
Hanging faceted crystals are one of the most popular and widely used Feng Shui cures. Hung the windows, doorways and passageways, they work to disperse 'shar ch' (negative energy). They are the ultimate symbol of the earth element.

This faceted Crystal is made from "Reconstituted" quartz crystal. Though a small percentage of glass is present, absolutely no lead used in our manufacturing.

25mm (1") for $7.00

50 mm (2.") for $12.00


25 mm Hanging Crystal $7.00
50 mm Hanging Crystals$12.00