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John Travolta Astrolife Line Reading

Date of Birth: Thursday February 18, 1954
Place of Birth: Englewood, NJ, USA

His signature is the use of language in the wrok place. His speech is powerful, creative. He is athletic which is shown in his dance.  He is about religion.  He will be attacked for his religion.


Ages Birth-6 years of age: : He came into this world with the lesson of words. "I am my words." He was introduced to strong words in his environment through his father. His father was either strong and powerful and controlling or very John Travolta was very active and involved with his father. HIs father's language was imprinted within him. This language was authoritative and controlling.

Ages 6-12 years of age: During this time confusion surrounding his father. John Travolta was also confused with the groups of people to whom he is being introduced. This period teaches John about money and power. He becomes very aware of how his father can assimilate among some pretty wealthy people. It is here that all of his senses are being developed through his intuitive faculties. He can learn how to control his body. Although he feels a bit vulnerable, he gets involved with group activities during this time. He is watching his mothers life get uprooted. He is very sad about the family.

Ages 12-18 years of age: During this time, John Travolta is all about his friends and having fun. He is a little out of control. He is receiving a lot of information, infact he is being flooded with information. He is doing lots of studying. His sadness during this time comes through a friend or a loss of a friend (maybe a girl). This makes him very sad. There also may be a sibling problem. Something seems to have happened to the family. The love in that family seems to be deteriorating a little bit. John is very concerned about his image. There is a lot of focus on his body.

Ages 18-24 years of age: During this time frame John Travolta is feeling reclusive. He can be suffering internally from exhaustion or from nervousness or he is feeling disconected to his mother. He is having an outer body experience at this time. He cannot seem to get or feel grounded during this time. There is a lot of criticism coming at him. This criticism upsets his stomach and intestinal area. He is , indeed, very affected by things that were said about him. He worked very hard during this time but his body suffered.

Ages 24-30 years of age: John Travolta comes out in a big way during these ages. He is seen. He is powerful. May feel manipulated by people who would like to control him and his money. His image, his sense of drama and dance is very powerful. He is becoming very forceful and starts to take charge of his life more and his money . He starts to becoming independent from connections that would have been controlling him. There is a love partner that comes in very strong…maybe a marriage.

Ages 30-36 years of age: These ages are all about children and family. He may have moved during this period. There is activity in the home, and with children. He has lot of nervous energy during this time. He signs a major contract for a movie. He travels or lives near water. He is doing a lot of travel. There is a family loss – between the ages of 28-35.

Ages 36-42 years of age: John Travolta is feeling a lot of pressure on his relationship especially around the age of 42. He had to be careful during this time because he is suseptable to unbridled passion. He forms another partnership in business.

Ages 42- 48 years of age: These ar the ages where he is trying to manage his home life. In fact, he is probably working hard..from home. He probably had a loss of either a father or grandfather. There is more stress at home. He is intense and may show his anger, but language is harsh and he will needs to control his language.


Ages 48 to 54 years of age: During this time he is activated again into professional life and acting. This is a very powerful time for him in the movies. There is strong language, in fact, very forceful language. The focus is on his children. He is expanding and becoming very aggressive. He has a loss of a child through a brain malfunction. There is antagonism through words, gossip and slander especially about his son. This is overwhelming for him. He has no control over it. Because of this parts of him will retreat. He will internalize into his stomach area where he holds a lot of emotion. Has to be careful not to blame his wife. He will have to take some legal action to protect himself from something. He does not trust the people who work for him. Thinks there is something funny going on or went on in the house. He feels there is neglect.

Ages 54 to 60 years of age: John Travolta will handle his grief by throwing himself into his work. His home experiences is stressful and depressive. He nNeeds to work very hard in healing the home. Because he is a powerful speaker his words will be heard, and he will have something to say to the public if everyone is patient. John Travolta does speak the truth…he is very focused on truth. During this time he has to watch out for his knees giving him trouble and can have intestional or bladder problems..

Ages 60 to 66 years of age: During these ages John Travolta must purify and detox from any negativity in his marriage or other partnerships. He needs to pay attention to his partner and his home. He will feel disconnected and lonely and may suffer from depression. He will be uprooted by a woman (and may have a secret love affair). This may be the way he escapes through a romantic interlude. During this time he will feel the need to be secluded and will need solitude and privacy. He must pay attention to his finances. Deception can come through or because of a woman...or this scenario maybe acted this out in film. He may make a movie with his partner.

Ages 66 to 72 years of age: These are the ages where John Travolta will talk about his grief, his sadness, his woundedness, his homelife, and his children maybe through a memoir. This book maybe a lovestory.


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