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Matt Damon Astrology Chart Life Line Reading

Date of Birth: Thu Oct 08, 1970
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Ages Birth-6 years of age: Matt Damon has come into this lifetime to work on his self worth. He will be changing his priorities and refocusing on what is essential in his life. At the tender age from birth till six years old he was feeling vulnerable. He may have suffered a loss or was
missing his Father. He was very aware, even at this young age, of public opinion. He was very shy. Experiences with siblings at this time effected him deeply.

Ages 6-12 years of age: Again there are experiences with siblings that are confusing. He may feel separated or even responsible for his sibling. He may have changed schools at this time and felt separated from those he loved. He did not trust teachers and was edgy about school. He may have lost a grand parent.

Ages 12-18 years of age: Matt Damon was thinking about his mother. He was nervous and worried about his home life. He had an important relationship at this time. There was a tramatic experience with a sibling. He experienced a loss that uproots him- he was flatlining and
may have had an outer body episode. His intuition kicks in.

Ages 18-24 years of age: Matt Damon at this age was nurturing his inner child. He was also very creative at this time. He may have tried to send love to his mother. He may also have tried to heal her. He sought love for nourishment and support. By nature, he is a care taker and can work with children. He may have started to work and may have been seen more publicly during this time. He can sign an important contract.

Ages 24-30 years of age: Matt Damon was now seen big time and he becomes very powerful and independent. He hid in the public eye. He is interested in relationships, but also has an extreme need for freedom. Matt Damon is very strong willed and asserts himself verbally. He is seen as eccentric. However, during this time may have to deal with a crisis.

Ages 30-36 years of age: Matt Damon is healing his inner wounded child. Experiences from the past with his father comes up for review. Anything buried needs to be dealt with. He may feel separated from a dear friend. He must be careful around cars. He is using his intuition
more and more. A very powerful relationship is formed. There are strong desires and intense spiritual connections.

Ages 36-42 years of age: Both business and intimate partnerships go through an upheaval and sudden change. Money can get complicated. There can be sudden endings. Inheritance and money may become an issue. Paranormal experiences can occur. Family members can suffer through tragedy.

Ages 42- 48 years of age: There can be endings with certain organizations. Friends can prove disappointing at this time. Love can cause him pain and separation. The intestinal area should be taken care of. Health issues can arise. Matt might get involved in helping out, or donating
himself to a cause.

Ages 48 - 54 years of age: Matt Damon may be interested in writing or publishing. He may be craving his Father. He needs to hear love language. He makes an important speech. He could sign an important contract. He also may seek legal advice and make a career move that could cause him some trouble.

Ages 54-60 years of age: These are the lonely years. Matt Damon becomes introspective, and seeks solitude. He is a loner at heart. He can do important work behind the scenes. He is involved with women, and is thinking about his Mother. He may need to take care of certain health issues. His knees or his throat.

Ages 60-66 years of age: Matt Damon becomes independent and does something humanitarian. He is doing something beautiful and loving. He is concerned about his partner. His brilliance is being shown. He uses his mind and his higher mind.

Ages 66-72 years of age: Matt Damon becomes super sensitive. He gives himself
to the world by expressing something intensely beautiful. Something poetic and spiritual.