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Past Life Karmic Astrology Chart

How many times have YOU come back to this world?

Which civilizations have YOU lived in?!

Which lifetimes have an influence on YOUR life today?

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Karmic astrology can be used as a tool in life to help transcend one's attachments to the finite and to find union with God.

This Past Life Chart is an astrological work based on your personal and sacred geometry. These lines are as personal as your fingerprint and belong to you alone.

Your Past Life image symbols will resonate with a profound truth. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, you will feel definite reactions to specific civilizations. This Past Life Chart will help you discover what you are naturally drawn to and why.

For example a Tibetan past life symbol- will easily explain your desire for peace and a life filled with meditation and chanting. While and Egyptian past life can account for your love of gold and jewelry.

Let the symbols:

Guide you in your pursuits and talents.

Explain some inner quirks and maybe even some of your dreams and desires.

They are beautifully presented in the exact mathematical arrangement of the planets at the moment of your birth.

Enjoy these images and let them inspire you, reminding you of your spiritual history on this planet.

If you are ready to accept your path consciously -Past Life Karmic Astrology can help you bring out your best, and help you deal with shortcomings while striving to improve. This is easier said than done, we can only start with today!

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