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Your Soul Number is 3

Your "soul" destiny card is the third card - The Empress

Keep this wallet card on you for luck and direction. The affirmations will remind you of your inner powers and the flaws you need to over come. $4.00




Wallet size laminated card with the tarot magician on one side and affirmations on the other side price $4.00

Kabbalistic Prayer Card:

The prayer card reflects the hebrew alphebet that Kaballa students have been meditationg on for centuries. $4.00

The number three in numerology reflect 3 letters the 3 ghimel, 12 lammed, and 21 sheen. Buy your prayer card and read the meditation poem for an understanding of the inner you.


This laminated prayer card is available in wallet size or postcard size Price $4.00
Wallet Size
Large Postcard size



Your "soul" Tarot Pendant is the Empress.

This beautiful pendant is made of heavy silver with acrylic on an oxidized round box chain. $60.00

Soul Pendant #2

Price: $60.00

View our other Tarot pendants and find the one that resonate to you!
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