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Tarot & The Kabala

Kaballah teachings is the root that led to the tarot. This book combines the two modalities for a more in depth interpretation of the reading. Set up in a way that even the novice reader will find easy to use.

Now ANYONE -- even YOU can read the Tarot Cards!

with our....

"Guide to Reading the Kaballistic Tarot" Kit!

Now you can do in one day what astrologers learn over years! ...
Your Taroballah kit comes complete with spiritually designed tarot cards, a tree of life chart (with key phrases to make a reading easier), and an interpretation book that allows any novice to do tarot readings.
The Zodiac Answers are in YOUR Hands!


Combining the wisdom of the with the produces a powerful reading. Kit includes:

Buy your Taroballah Kit                     

 $39.00 +shipping/handling



Tree of Life Layout
Guide to Reading the Kabala Tarot
ZodiacAnswers Designed Tarot Cards
***************Also Available individually***************

ZodiacAnswers Tarot Card Deck- order just the zodiacanswers designed Tarot card deck - spiritual, informative, powerful- $10.00 +s&h


Tarot Deck $10.00


Guide to Reading the Kabala Tarot: Have your own tarot cards? ...then buy just the guide and learn read the Tarot on the Kabala Tree of Life. $25.00 + s&h
 Interpretation Guide $25.00