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Tiger Woods Natal Chart Reading

Date of Birth: Tue Dec 30, 1975

Place of Birth: Long Beach, California USA

First house is in Libra: Balance and judgment are required for tasks in Libra. Tiger needs to take the time to nourish himself. Librans have a tendency to forget their mission in life, and often take up in carousing with friends. It is a crisis that puts you back on your spiritual path. At times he may feel alienated, and having no support. This will actually drive him forward to success. Subtle skills are needed, since a Libran will not confront. It is the symbol of the spider because the Libran is always weaving a perpetual web of entangled relationships. However, this is the only labor that has laughter, even in the worst experiences there will be some laughter from a Libran. Try to make decisions, since there is a difficulty in decision making with this sign.

Ruling Planet- Venus rules Libra. Disappointment comes with this placement of Venus. The Libran labor is marked with crisis, but this is the very thing that leads the Libran individual to another level. So do not be overwhelmed by the thought of a crisis. Most Librans can marshal their energies to deal with the crisis, and this can make them great leaders. With Libra ruling your first house, the crisis is about your self image. There is a desire for peace and harmony, and a social life with many friends. A soft disposition with a good sense of humor emanates. You are a creative problem solver, although emotions can be hard to keep balanced.

Pluto in First house: With Pluto in your first house Tiger will have problems with manipulation. Sometimes you will feel manipulated, or you are the manipulative one. You are always trying hard to prove your self worth. You fluctuate between feelings of helplessness, and feelings of empowerment. You do not like the idea that you do not have control of yourself, or control of a situation. There may be a threat to your integrity, or to your public image. Remember, you can intimidate others because you are quite intense, and powerful.

Second house is in Scorpio: This Labor is simple, just surrender. Do not struggle. Let go of control. In this labor there is darkness and perpetual night. However, Scorpio does not always require the daylight, and has an affinity for a dark cave, or a desire to be enclosed and hidden. Scorpio uses strategy. You must find at "one-ment" in this world of duality. This is a technique that can keep you centered. With Scorpio in the second house, you will spend time analyzing how to make money, and have a strategy about your finances. Your mind is sharp and decisive. A Scorpio second house can make you have power struggles regarding money and sex. You can be intense and possessive about your money and your sexual partner.

Ruling Planet- Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars is focused energy. Whatever house Mars resides in is where you are focused. Pluto is transformation. Where ever Pluto is will give you a life altering experience, from which it can be hard to recover. When you are transformed then you become empowered. Both Mars and Pluto are highly eruptive. They represent extremely intense energy that will create dramatic results.

Uranus in Second houseWhere Uranus is in your chart is where you are being uprooted with feelings of being disengaged, separated, or feeling a loss of connections. Sometimes this happens in order to get to the next spiritual level without being attached to the past. Uranus is associated with the eleventh house and the sign of Aquarius; separating from the self in order to serve humanity.

Third house is in Sagittarius With Sagittarius ruling your third house, you will be constantly expanding your education. You will love learning, and have a philosophical approach in life. You will have a love of sport and the outdoors. You will use your words in powerful ways. Perhaps you can also publish, or you can teach. In this lifetime you are learning how to use language in its purest form. There can be legal trouble with contracts and agreements involving partners, or siblings. A Sagittarius third house allows you to travel and expand. Your thinking has no boundary. Education is basically a positive experience but it can be overwhelming at times. You are on a private and intimate journey, only God understands. Each one of us is an aspirant, going straight, like an arrow, to our destiny and to our highest goal. Spirit must manifest through the souls endeavor to purify. Keep your eye on the eagle, and never lower your standard.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. Remember that wherever Jupiter is, you expand or become overwhelmed. Jupiter is benevolent, and tolerant. It can give you grand schemes in life by mere exaggeration. These exaggerations can bring anxiety.

Moon in Third house The Moon causes great fluctuations, like the ocean and its' tides. Where the moon resides you will feel inconsistent and wavy. Your emotions are hard to control, experiencing ups and downs. This creates a feeling of being vulnerable, because of the dramatic fluctuations within. This is the clarity of your mind and your intuition that eludes you time after time. A Third House Moon means that you are emotional over siblings. You talk a lot when you are overwhelmed. There is a need to carefully read any documents you sign. You can write down your powerful emotions as an outlet, and as a kind of therapy. You can find yourself in court from time to time.

Neptune in Third house Neptune represents the feeling of not being able to hold on, slipping away, dissolving. Therefore, wherever Neptune is there is also an element of confusion. What slips away? This depends upon the house that Neptune is affecting, but commonly you will experience the loss of integrity or the loss of clarity. You loose the boundaries because there is a bleeding of one boundary into another. You are not being able to separate the black and the white; it all becomes gray. It is like living without definition. Communications can become muddied. There can be slander and misrepresentation. However, your channeling abilities are increased. Messages from the spirit world can come through dreams. You are quite metaphysical by nature, and can study the occult field. Writing for you can be automatic. You may discover or uncover secret information. You can also teach religion.

Venus in Third house Venus struggles with confusion and heartache, as well as love and contentment. The love of a third house is family. So a Third House Venus would have you love your family and siblings. With this love of family problems can arise, maybe out of jealousy, or envy. You are a natural student and would make a great teacher. You love to learn and will desire to learn. You nurture others. . You have a good sense of humor.

Forth House is in Capricorn: With Capricorn ruling your fourth house, you can have much distress in the home life. You may have had a lonely childhood. Your mother could struggle and work hard to provide for the family, leaving you alone as a child. However, your home can be very organized and simplistic; maybe this is a military life style with regimentation. You have a great sense of composition; this could make you a designer or an architect. A Capricorn fourth house can alienate you from your mother or your home. You work for the benefit of the universe through individual experiences, which bring compassion to others. You must perform an act of service because good intentions need to be carried out.

Ruling Planet: Saturn rules Capricorn: Capricorn is also the loneliest of all the signs. With Capricorn ruling your fourth house, you can have much distress in the home life.

Sun in Forth house The sun rules Leo, and wherever the sun is you shine and exude your most positive energies. Where your sun is in the chart, is where the light is. You dominate at home, like your father did. You have a well-developed spiritual side. You need a nest, so home becomes a sacred place. The father may have actually been the one who was nurturing. You may have a tendency to be reclusive. There is a need to keep in check anger because you may have been repressed at home.

Fifth house is in Aquarius:With Aquarius ruling the fifth house, you will be estranged from your children, or a child. Your lesson will be about love and how to love. In fact, love may become a universal experience and not necessarily a personal one. You can benefit in real estate, or in your personal art form. You can develop new techniques in your field. Your creative expression is abstract and eccentric and has no boundaries. An Aquarius fifth house can make you break rules. You could have been an independent child, resenting authority. You can be uprooted from a child a normal childhood.

Ruling Planet Uranus: Whichever house Uranus is there can be sudden upheaval, uprooting you, and leaving you with no support. The only support would be from within, from your own inner faith. Also, whichever house Uranus resides is where you step out of the box; no boundary can contain you.

Mercury in Fifth house Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. The house where Mercury lies is where one is mercurial in such a way that you vacillate with a nervous excitement. You are highly nervous in Virgo because of criticism and a need for perfection. You are highly nervous in Gemini because of a need for change and variety. Mercury moves with haste and ignores messages. You can waste time with false teachers. A Fifth House Mercury makes you think like a child, you think creatively. You love language and make it art. You love to entertain others. You are flamboyant and original in your self-expressions. You are a teacher of children.

Sixth house is in Pisces: This is the sign that represents the crucifixion; the personality must die. Hercules must overcome the emotional body, the physical body, and the mental body, because they are like a monster. The transformation into the spiritual life will not occur until you kill the monster. With Pisces ruling your Sixth house, you can be paranoid in the work place. You are intuitive about things at the work place. You can work in the religious field, or do spiritual work, perhaps as a healer. People can dump on you at work, leaving you tired and exhausted. In fact you can martyr yourself in serving others.

Ruling Planet: Neptune rules Pisces, and wherever Neptune is you have those feelings of vulnerability. Where Neptune is things slip away, so you will feel as if you cannot hold onto anything. All things can slip through your grip. Neptune is the planet of dissolving; dissolve into God, a perfect union and the final home. How often are we lost on the journey back to God? Faith is the wisdom here. Carry that with you and let that be your light.

Seventh house is in Aries: With Aries ruling the seventh house, you become your partner, or your partner defines you. You are about sharing, and giving. In this lifetime, a marriage is a major experience. The use of language is paramount in the success or failure of the relationship. Be careful because you will have the tendency to rush into relationships, instead of letting them develop more slowly over time. The use of words can hurt you, since the seventh house is about open enemies. It IS WISE to keep your thoughts under control, because saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can ruin you. Your reputation can be ruined by malicious gossip. You are learning to share. Try not to dominate your partner, or be dominated by your partner.

Ruling Planet-Mars rules Aries. Mars represents pain and separation. This pain and separation forms a pattern. Aries is the "I am" and Mars is the "I do", therefore "I am what I do".

Jupiter in Seventh house This is where we spill, and over flow, the container is not big enough or strong enough. We are overwhelmed. This is when we have the great realization that we must hand over our un-surmountable problems to a higher force. We find God because we have to. Jupiter in the Seventh House can put an overwhelming emphasis on partnership. Marriage or partnership is a major focus for you. You can have good things come to you through partnership. There is however a great amount of emotion. There can be a situation through partnership that will alter your awareness forever. The public will see you. You can attract a formidable enemy.

Eighth house is in Taurus Alone one seeks, sad and conscious of need. There are problems of sex, and elusive states of sensitivity. Wherever Taurus is, there is always a long search, and feelings of confusion, because you are dealing with the problems of illusion. With Taurus ruling your eighth house, your confusion will be about other peoples' money. There can be a disappointment because of unrealistic speculation, and sudden reversals with investments. Remember, you have an extreme sensitivity with romantic involvements, but sexual illusions, and strong desires can get you into trouble.

Ruling Planet- Venus rules Taurus Here you will have confusion. There will be a tendency to loose your boundaries. Often stepping out of the box of conformity or morality. Illusion exists where Taurus resides. There will always be feelings of loneliness. Taurus is "I desire" Venus is "Love."

Ninth house is in Gemini With Gemini ruling your ninth house, you are very intellectual, and learning is essential because the mind is at its' finest in Gemini. You are a seeker of arcane knowledge. You need freedom in your thinking. Your religious views are revolutionary and are not conforming. There is a need to travel and to move. You are a restless soul, a student, a teacher, and a communicator. You serve the world through knowledge and through the world of language. You bring to the world new beliefs and ideals. Legal problems with family can arise, or you can find yourself entangled in a lawsuit.

Ruling Planet- Mercury rules Gemini. Wherever Mercury is in the chart is where you will feel nervous and distrustful. You can have excited feelings. There is always a little bit of doubt creeps in; like it is too good to be true. Remember the arch deceiver and the false teacher. Learn to listen.

Mars in Ninth house Mars is focused energy, and whatever house Mars resides in is where your focus is in this lifetime. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Aries is the "I am" of the zodiac, and Mars is the "I do", therefore "I am, what I do." Mars also causes separation and pain. This separation and pain is our work in this lifetime. Mars is the imprint of what has happened to us in our childhood. Therefore what we do is based upon our childhood experiences. Your mind is precise and alert. There can be danger in foreign lands, or through travel. You may have major issues with your in-laws.

Tenth house is in Cancer With Cancer ruling your tenth house, your father is your mother, or your mother is your father. You may be searching for your father or your mother. You have a need to be in a nurturing profession, or one that brings nourishment to others. A Cancer tenth house makes you intuitive about men, and you can manipulate them by mere instinct. You may have had a nurturing father. You may always be searching for your father in other men. The men in your life can provide well for you. You are emotionally expressive at work, but may also have silent spans of time to do research. You use your instincts in the business world. Instinct is how you navigate with powerful people, carefully, cautiously, and with instinct. In this labor, patience and humility are necessary for you to use and develop. The Pole star will guide you on your journey.

Ruling Planet- The Moon rules Cancer. The Moon rules Cancer. Where the Moon is you will experience similar feelings for security and a home base. It is also a place of emotional ups and downs. You are navigating the elusive states of intuition. Your lesson is learning to trust your own inner voice.

Eleventh house is in Leo A Leo eleventh house makes you feel exuberant and confident with friends and groups. You may even be a great leader, but on some level you are not seen or heard. With Leo ruling your eleventh house, you will have many friends and social connections. You will have fun and pleasure among friends, but you take risk in friendships. You may have younger friendships. On the flip side you can have an experience in friendship you cannot talk about. You share and are actively involved with group work. You can be a leader and provider of entertainment, or you may be compassionate and benevolent.

Ruling Planet-The Sun is the ruler of Leo, and where Leo is the Sun shines. The Sun is the ruler of Leo, and where Leo is the Sun shines. There is a burden that comes with this, because the Sun is life, and life is about pain and struggle. Leo rules the heart. One must have courage in order to love. Through heartfelt experiences one can suffer, with an unmentionable pain. There is also a need to be seen. If you are loved then you are seen. Where Leo is there is drama, because there is a need to shine and to be noticed.

Saturn in Eleventh house Where Saturn is in your chart is where you bury "stuff" not just on the physical level, but on a psychological and spiritual level as well. In the house of friendships, Saturn can make you private and reclusive. You may shy away from groups, and friends. Or, perhaps, you can have experiences with friends or groups that must remain secret. You may bury a friend. Your hard lessons will come with group work and organizations. You are here to do the hard work of serving humanity. You may be forced to disclose secret information within a group. You can have karma with a friend that will lead to the unveiling of some painful situation. Your emptiness will be filled when you put aside your personal agendas and begin to understand the universal principles in life.

Twelfth house is in Virgo With Virgo ruling your twelfth house, you will serve others behind the scenes. You can do important research, use technical skills, or work with machinery. You are deep and compassionate. Maybe you have developed certain sensitivity through you own struggles from childhood. A Virgo twelfth house makes one vulnerable and frightened. Afraid to investigate your dark shadow side, for fear you may be unloving or un-loveable. You may keep your intimate life guarded and protected. Perhaps, protecting you from falling in love. However, you can do special work with children, since children are unconditional. Be sure to first nurture your own inner child.

Ruling Planet- The ruler of Virgo is Mercury. The ruler of Virgo is Mercury. The house where Mercury resides is where one is mercurial. This means that you vacillate with a nervous excitement. Happy then scared, not trusting, but wanting to trust. Afraid the little child is going to get hurt, because the little child did get hurt. Love was rejected, so, therefore, there exists an anxiety about love.

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