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Zodiac Jewelry and Kaballah & Astrology

Hearts of Love© 

ZodiacAnswers "hearts of love" are a representation of the different parts a woman. Whether you are the Lover, the Embrace, the Angel, or the mother surrounded by her Children you will love these paintings in enamel and silver. They will be noticed where ever you go!

  The Hearts are large in size and can be worn high on the neck or on a long chain for the newest looks.  Comes on a neoprene choker.

  • All Silver on neoprene choker..........$55.00
  • Pink, blue, green, gold with a touch of red enamel inlaid on silver with neoprene choker......$55.00
  • Burgundy, black, brown with a touch of mauve enamel inlaid on silver with neoprene choker.........$55.00 
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Hearts of Love pendants
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The Lovers intwined in their own union


angel angel  
The Embrace illustrate the protection of two hearts that lean on each other for support.
The Angle illustrates the alchemist in all of us.
children  children  children
Which woman represents YOU?
The Children feeling the warmth of a mother's love

ZodiacAnswers Tarot Jewelry©.

ZodiacAnswers has taken our tarot cards and created these pendants and charms that reflect the Tarot in a whole new way! Wear your sacred number card for strength and good fortune (numerology page). Or just pick the pendant that resonantes to you! These beautiful silver and resin pendants will be admired where ever you go.

Regardless they will be noticed wherever you go.  They are designed from ZodiacAnswers Tarot cards and are handcrafted in heavy silver with resin cover.  They come on a 16” oxidized rounded box chain.

  Click Each Image for Larger Picture and Details


Choose tarot pendant style $60


Taroballah© = Tarot + Kabala

Guide to Reading the Kabilistic Tarot, simply put is the spiritual combination of the Tarot reading on the Kabala Tree of Life.

If you read the Tarot Cards then this Interpretation Journal with layout instructions is a must . You can purchase the Journal alone or in a Kit that includes the Tarot Cards.

If you are a beginning reader than the easy to use Interpretation Journal will guide you to a powerful reading. Remember the power of the Kabala is combined Tarot Cards produce a powerful reading.

The ZodiacAnswers are in your hands!

Experience the power of Healing Stones & Crystals - Seeds of light pendants

Atlantean Transformational Pendants: Powerful energy expressing your deep intentions.

All Transformational pendants come with black satin cord and information card!
Awaken Magic Inner Strength Friendship & Trust New Beginnings
$23.00 + s&h
Intuition Illusions Mystical Happiness
Hopes and Wishes Heart and Emotion
Atlantean Transformation Pendants
Astrological Amulets: These amulets have stones that reflect your planet, sign and postive expression to the outside world
Wear your sign in a crystal amulet.
Aries: 3/21-4/19 Taurus: 4/20-5/20 Gemini: 5/21-6/20 Cancer: 6/21-7/22
All amulets come with information card and Satin Cord!
$23.00 each + s&h
Leo: 7/23-8/22 Virgo: 8/23-9/22 Libra: 9/23-10/22 Scorpio: 10/23-11/21
Astrology Sign
Sagittarius:11/22-12/21 Capricorn: 12/22-1/19 Aquarius:1/20-2/18 Pisces: 2/19-3/20


Healer Medicine Pouches

Keep these Meicine pouches in your pocketbook or pocket for the strength of stone healing.